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What does the ‘Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation – CMHC’ do?

Filed under: Mortgage - 29 Jun 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is a division of the Canadian Government that acts as Canada’s national housing agency.

The CMHC was created to help Canadians gain easy access to a variety of different affordable …

Canadians overestimate what they know about mortgages

Filed under: Mortgage - 28 Jun 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: It is important to turn to someone that has proper knowledge on mortgages process as it is a big investment. Our office is here to help. Take advantage from our experience and expertise on mortgages, at …

Why inspect your home before you put it up for sale?

Filed under: Mortgage - 27 Jun 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: It could be very advantageous to know before hand what is it that the inspector will find regarding your house.

Home inspections have become commonplace in the Ontario real estate industry. In fact, many deals hinge on …

Economic recovery to power Alberta’s recreational property sales volume

Filed under: Mortgage - 26 Jun 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: “Very little can replace the magnificent experiences and memories a recreational sanctuary away from the city can bring.”

Sales activity in Alberta’s recreational property market is set to experience a boost as an effect of a steadily …

Caution: Mortgage Rates Could Start Rising ‘As Soon As July’

Filed under: Mortgage - 16 Jun 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Canada’s economy is red-hot these days. And that’s the principal reason why Canadians could see mortgage rates rising before the end of the year.

In the first quarter of this year, Canada recorded a 3.7-per-cent annualized pace …

Alberta set to lead gains for home sales

Filed under: Mortgage - 16 Jun 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Alberta will see the largest percentage increase in Canadian home sales in 2017 but will remain below the 10-year average for the province.

An updated outlook from the Canadian Real Estate Association shows a 1.5 per cent …

Bank of Canada says next move likely an interest rate hike

Filed under: Mortgage - 12 Jun 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: The Bank of Canada offered its strongest signal yet that it’s ready to raise interest rates as the economy gathers steam, in surprise comments that sent the Canadian dollar and bond yields soaring.

In …

The benefits of homeownership

Filed under: Mortgage - 01 Jun 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: The nationwide housing affordability crisis has placed homeownership and public policy near the top of the national agenda. While most of the commentary has been focused on how government policy affects housing supply, other dimensions to …