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Should you pay down your mortgage faster or invest?

Filed under: Mortgage - 31 May 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Is it better to pay down your mortgage faster or invest instead? With mortgage rates sitting at near-record lows, some borrowers have figured that the return on their invested dollar should exceed the guaranteed savings from making …

Here’s what you need to know before buying your first home

Filed under: Mortgage - 30 May 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: So you want to buy your first home — time to go shopping, right?

Unfortunately, buying a home isn’t like purchasing a sweater at a department store. You can’t just walk up to a counter, hand over your credit …

Strong demand will keep housing market buoyant says economist poll

Filed under: Mortgage - 29 May 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Measures designed to cool the housing market and the issues surrounding mortgage lender Home Capital will not damage the Canadian housing market according to a poll of economists.

Low interest rates and strong demand will keep the …

Genworth exec’s insights on making level-headed home buying choices

Filed under: Mortgage - 11 May 2017

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: Having people knowledgeable of the market and the process could help take away some of the stress that can be involve in buying a house. At CML Canadian Mortgage Lender, we are dedicated to assisting clients …

First time buyers still value housing as wise decision

Filed under: Mortgage - 09 May 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Property should form part of any well diversified investment portfolio, and our office thoroughly believes in the value of intelligent leveraging.  Many home owners continue to believe that property ownership remains a good investment.  Besides, everyone …

Prepare for multi-point interest rate rise says Desjardins

Filed under: Mortgage - 05 May 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Mortgage borrowers should be prepared for a rise in interest rates which could mean a 2.5 per cent rise by 2021.

That’s one of the scenarios considered in a new report by economists at Desjardins which highlights that …