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Managing the down payment verification phase

Filed under: Mortgage - 24 Apr 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Smoothly navigating the mortgage application process is a tricky proposition at best, and more so when it comes to the down payment verification phase.

“Most home buyers are aware that they will require a certain amount of …

Condominium Insurance: How To Find The Right Insurance For Your Condo

Filed under: Mortgage - 20 Apr 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: If you own a condo, there are a few things you need to know to keep yourself from the different risks that come from owning one. Although a condominium association covers different parts of the complex, you’re …

Understanding property deal closing costs

Filed under: Mortgage - 19 Apr 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: When you purchase a new home, there are many additional costs beyond the purchase price for which you will be responsible before you are handed the keys.

While total closing costs will vary by region, you can …

Getting the most from your renovation dollars

Filed under: Mortgage - 05 Apr 2017

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: If you are considering the sale of your home and are also thinking of investing in a number of renovation projects with the hope of increasing your home’s selling price, there are several things you should …