The United States is Alberta’s best customer

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:  Not surprisingly, the number one product we sell to US buyers is oil and gas.

Given that it‘s the Fourth of July, today’s Owl takes a look at Alberta’s merchandise exports to the United States.

The US is by far our best customer. Our American cousins bought $80.5 billion worth of goods from us last year. This represents a whooping 87 per cent of our total international exports.Hi

Alberta’s sales to the US added up to 20 per cent of the national total. Only Ontario sold more to the US last year ($194 billion or 48 per cent of total exports from Canada to the US).

Not surprisingly, the number one product we sell to US buyers is oil and gas. With sales of just under $63 billion (down from over $91 billion in 2014 when prices were higher), oil and gas exports accounted for 78 per cent of everything we sold south of the border in 2015. We only managed to export $206 million worth of oil and gas (0.03 per cent) to countries other than the US.

Illinois was the destination of a third ($26 billion) of our exports to the US last year with Washington a distant second at 10 per cent ($8 billion). This make sense since Illinois is a major transportation hub for oil and gas. Oil and gas exports are the largest product category for each of the states on the list of the ten largest buyers of Alberta’s exports (see the graphic below).

The next largest export category to the US is agriculture products (4.8 per cent of total sales), followed closely by the plastic products (4.7 per cent). California is the largest buyer of our food ($857 million) and Texas is the largest buyer of our plastic ($724 million).

Robert Roach – Director of Insight      The Owl      July 4, 2016


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