Q2 2016 Economic Update with Michael Campbell

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:  “The overall economy, led by Vancouver and Toronto, is far stronger than most people realize”.

The only serious trouble spots in Canada are those regions impacted by the massive drop in resource prices  – especially oil producing provinces.  But even in Alberta things may be improving if the 19,000 jobs created in March is not just a one off event.

Nationally the good news is that both consumer spending and residential construction, which combined make up 2/3 of the Canadian economy, continue to be strong thanks to record low interest rates (and in-migration to B.C.). Adding to the momentum is the fact that manufacturing shows signs of picking up with the latest numbers in January beating the previous a record. Although we need to see a lot of follow through before it’s a trend.  Click here to read the full report

Verico      April 11, 2016      Verico Economic consultant Michael Campbell



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