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Quarterly report released by network economist

Filed under: Mortgage - 25 Jan 2016

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:  Why are fixed rates not currently following the ‘normal’ key determinants of mortgage rates?

The super low rate era will continue, according to one broker network’s economist.

“The key determinant of mortgage rates are bond yields and those yields …

Bank of Canada maintains key interest rate

Filed under: Mortgage - 20 Jan 2016

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:  Although many were expecting a rate cut from the Bank of Canada this morning, they have decided to hold the benchmark rate at 0.5%.  Read more to find out why.

OTTAWA — The Bank of Canada is holding its …

Trudeau’s cabinet meets as Bank of Canada weighs rate cut

Filed under: Mortgage - 18 Jan 2016

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:  The Bank of Canada will make its next rate announcement on Wednesday…will they decide to cut rates?

Justin Trudeau’s got a busy week ahead. The entire Liberal cabinet is in New Brunswick right now, for a 48-hour …

Broker miffed by rate shopping advice

Filed under: Mortgage - 15 Jan 2016

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:  While rate is definitely a high priority, understanding the terms of that mortgage product should also be taken in to consideration to avoid any nasty surprises.  Our office can walk you through terms of the many …

The lesson home buyers should take from RBC’s mortgage rate hike

Filed under: Mortgage - 07 Jan 2016

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:  If there’s one lesson home buyers and owners should take from RBC’s rate increase, it’s to never get a mortgage without cross-checking rates with at least one other source, preferably a mortgage broker with access to …

Will mortgage rates dip to record lows in 2016?

Filed under: Mortgage - 04 Jan 2016

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:   Interest rates won’t be all that’s changing in the coming 12 months. Here are four mortgage trends you need to watch in 2016.

Mortgage rates weren’t supposed to make record lows in 2015, not if you asked …