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Mortgage insurer CMHC primes market for announcement

Filed under: Mortgage - 28 Feb 2014

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:  If you are currently seeking a home and have less than 20% down payment, you may want to consider closing prior to any potential increase to CMHC premiums … stay tuned for further updates as they …

CMHC: Canadian housing starts and prices to stabilize in 2014 as demand slows

Filed under: Mortgage - 26 Feb 2014

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:  The view from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp suggests the nation’s once-roaring housing market is settling into a soft landing, with construction moderating to more sustainable levels and sales and prices ticking slowly higher.


Home equity: A retirement fallback plan

Filed under: Mortgage - 20 Feb 2014

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:   A paid-for home is your safety net. What’s the best way to tap into your home equity?

After Charles Prusky was forced to retire from his job as a machinist-welder at 58 due to illness, it wasn’t …

Buying a house? Here’s how to get a big tax refund

Filed under: Mortgage - 05 Feb 2014

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:  A great way to get more cash for your home purchase this year – but you have to act fast!   Deposit to your RRSP before March 1st so you get the tax break from your 2013 …

Is using your RRSP to buy a house passé?

Filed under: Mortgage - 03 Feb 2014

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:  The $25,000 Ottawa allows you take out of your retirement fund to buy your first home sure doesn’t go as far as it used to.
The Financial Post’s Melissa Leong explains why RRSPs are much like your …