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Weekly earnings still outpacing inflation

Filed under: Mortgage - 28 Aug 2013

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:  It appears Albertans are enjoying not only more employment opportunities, but on average, they also seem to be prepared financially to better handle increases to rates compared to employees in other provinces.

With rising prices for gasoline and …

Cougar Creek Homeowners Situation – Important Update from John Marriott

Filed under: Mortgage - 22 Aug 2013

Hello everyone,

It’s been a busy few months and I felt it was time I reached out to everyone to give a bit of a status update on where many of us sit with our homes and where our status sits …

To the Surviving and the Survivors ….

Filed under: Mortgage - 22 Aug 2013

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:  If you’re a local Canmore / MD of Bighorn resident, please consider going to the meetings to show your support (even if you weren’t affected … folks need a good turnout to the meetings to help …

Impact of Limits to CMHC MBS

Filed under: Mortgage - 13 Aug 2013

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:  Despite tighter monetary policy, Alberta’s growing economy should see minimal effects on housing starts, housing sales and increasing home prices.

Source:  BCREA

Most Canadian mortgage lenders fund some portion of their mortgage lending using CMHC’s National …

CMHC moves to take steam out of housing market

Filed under: Mortgage - 08 Aug 2013

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:  Yet another significant change could place upward pressure on fixed rate mortgages as the lenders will pass along any additional costs to consumers (via higher interest rates).  If you have a preapproval in place… GREAT … …