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Alberta resale housing market tops Canada in annual sales growth

Filed under: Mortgage - 18 Dec 2012

CALGARY — Alberta will lead the country this year and in 2013 in the pace of growth in the resale housing market, according to a new forecast by the Canadian Real Estate Association.

The national association of realtors said Monday that …

Buying a rental property? How the financing game has changed

Filed under: Mortgage - 11 Dec 2012

Just four short years ago, you could buy an investment property with nothing down and get the best interest rates in the market.

That was then. Today, rental financing is night-and-day different. To mortgage a small (a one-to-four unit, non-owner occupied) …

Three tips for first-time homebuyers

Filed under: Mortgage - 05 Dec 2012

Julia Thomson hasn’t won the lottery. She hasn’t been reunited with a long lost, fabulously wealthy, and remarkably generous uncle. And she hasn’t discovered oil in her backyard. All of which is surprising, considering this declaration: “We paid off our mortgage in four and a half …

Concerned with mortgage debt?

Filed under: Mortgage - 03 Dec 2012

That ultra low interest rates have encouraged a number of households to take on excessive debt is well documented. What receives less attention is the negative impact low interest rates have had on individuals living off of interest income …