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Are we worrying ourselves into a housing crash?

Filed under: Mortgage - 22 Oct 2012

Maybe this is telling us you shouldn’t buy the biggest house

Just sit back and do nothing. It doesn’t sound like the most proactive advice when it comes to the housing market, but it might just be what everybody needs to …

How much does it really cost to have kids?

Filed under: Mortgage - 15 Oct 2012

While money should never be your only concern in deciding whether or not to have children, it should at least be a part of the discussion.  More and more young couples are waiting later and later to start a family….

Kids play, but parents PAY!

Filed under: Mortgage - 15 Oct 2012


The level of overall consumer price inflation may be benign in Alberta at the moment: only 1.0 per centincrease in prices overall. But don’t tell that to parents with children in sports. The prices of …

Calgarians keep going home

Filed under: Mortgage - 04 Oct 2012


Home sales in Calgary might have slipped slightly in August, but it’s hardly anything to worry about. Unlike the large decline in sales activity in Vancouver and Toronto, the slight drop in Calgary appears to …

What if mortgages were more expensive and less accessible?

Filed under: Mortgage - 02 Oct 2012

If you’re a first-time home buyer, odds are that you don’t have a 20-per-cent down payment. Without one, you typically need mortgage default insurance to buy a home.

The biggest provider of that insurance is government-owned Canada Mortgage and …