More folks moving to Alberta

Alberta’s population continues to not only grow the fastest in the nation, increasing 2.5 per cent (the national average was 1.1 per cent), but also remains the youngest, with a median age of 36.1 years (the national average age is 40). As well, interprovincial migration picked up over the period, with 28,000 Canadians relocating to Alberta. International migration also picked up substantially, hitting a record 34,500 individuals.

Contrary to popular belief, neither Atlantic Canada nor Saskatchewan has contributed the most to Alberta’s net gain in population. Over the past decade Alberta’s net balance of population with Ontario increased 91,000, which is more than the number of the combined increase from Atlantic Canada and Saskatchewan (at 52,500 and 24,600, respectively).

Regardless of an individual’s place of origin, the human pipeline to Alberta represents good news for the local real estate markets, as these new Albertans need to be housed, and for the provincial labour market, as it keeps things from overheating too quickly.  Please click on the following link to view the entire article:

Todd Hirsch – ATB Senior Economist  Sept. 28, 2012

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